Grizzly Salmon Oil Benefits For Your Dog

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Man’s best friend (the household dog) deserves to live a long, happy life. When dogs starts to age, they can have the same aches and pains you do. The back twitches, the knee hurts (yes, dogs have knees) and dreaded immune system issues arise.

My dog recently started getting allergies (she won’t stop sneezing at the park), and her coat isn’t as shiny as it once was.

But Grizzly Salmon oil helped with her coat, offers heart health benefits, immune system benefits (great for older pups), and does so much more.

What is Grizzly Salmon Oil?

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Salmon oil is great for dogs. This oil actually comes from Alaskan Salmon and is what you would find in salmon’s chemical makeup. But in oil form, it’s a little easier for a dog to digest. Now, dogs in the wild are scavengers – and they’ll raid a human’s garbage on occasion, still.

But fish is something we’ve sort of eliminated from our dog’s diets.

And a lot of people outside of Europe don’t eat enough fish anymore. This is why you see a lot of fish oil supplements on the market. If you’ve ever heard of Omega-3 or Omega-6 fatty acid supplements, these are the same fatty acids found in salmon.

Filled with Omega-3s, salmon oil has a variety of benefits for your dog.

Grizzly Salmon Oil Benefits for Your Dog

Grizzly Salmon Oil Benefits for Your Dog

As an adult, it’s easy to see why people love dogs so much. Faithful, forgiving and filled with love, dogs are everything humans aren’t. When your dog is healthy, they can fill a home with joy and happiness.

When a dog is sick or in pain, it’s heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Salmon oil isn’t a youth serum that will keep your dog alive for centuries, but it has so many good-for-dog benefits that it can’t be ignored. The benefits of Grizzly Salmon oil are:

  • Coat Health: The oils and fatty acids fight against intense shedding and cracked, dry hair.
  • Immune System: The immune system gets a boost, helping your dog’s:
    • Blood pressure
    • Risk of cancer
    • Heart (it fights against heart disease)
    • Immune system regulation
  • Weight Loss: A chubby dog is an unhealthy dog. Trust me, my “chubby” dog has back problems because she is on the hefty side. And salmon oil has helped as it promotes weight loss.
  • Inflammation: An often overlooked benefit, fish oils help fight against inflammation. This allows for alleviation of joint, hip and back pain as well as helps combat arthritis.

And this is just the start of the benefits of salmon oil for dogs. This oil will also help:

  • Fight skin allergies
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Fight inflammatory bowel disease
  • Aid in mental development
  • Support the kidneys and liver
  • Slow cancer cell growth.

There is another benefit that a lot of owners notice immediately, yet no one seems to be talking about it: improved joint health. While this isn’t a major benefit that is listed, this oil helps lubricate the joints and enhances collagen, too.

The reason this benefit isn’t listed is because most studies are unsure of why the dog’s joints seem to be doing better.

A reduction of pain due to the control of inflammation may be one reason for the appearance that a dog has less joint pain. In either case, owners often notice a little spunk in their dog’s step after adding Grizzly salmon oil to their diet.


Grizzly Salmon Oil Reviews

What Are Others Saying?

Grizzly Salmon Oil Reviews

I find it insightful to see what others are saying when they feed salmon oil to their pets. And I almost forgot to mention, this oil is flavored and dogs simply love it. Cats also seem to meow a little more when they smell the oil in the air.

Getting your dog to eat the oil is a breeze, but has is done for other people’s pets?

  • My 9-year-old Malamute’s coat is fabulous now. She had chronic skin problems.
  • Stopped my dog’s chronic shedding.
  • Noticeable improvement in two weeks.
  • My older dog’s joints seem better.
  • Stopped my dog’s chronic itching.

And Grizzly Salmon oil has thousands and thousands of positive reviews.

This is the best fish oil for dogs, and it works very quickly. Filled with Omega fatty acids, many of the benefits of this great supplement occur internally. You may not be able to see the inflammation diminish or your pet’s heart health improve, but you will notice that they’re walking with greater fluidity, their coat is extremely shiny, dry skin is eliminated, and they seem happier.

Quick and easy, simply follow the dosage guidelines (this is very, very important) and squirt the amount right on top of Fido’s food. If he doesn’t like the taste (I find the smell to be horrible), mix it into his food. Most dogs love it, but there is always that fussy poodle that turns their nose away from everything but filet mignon.

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